Saturday, January 11, 2014

110' Cedar Fence

When we lived in Vegas our backyard was nice and big for our German Shepard to run around in. Since moving here he's had to be on a leash everywhere he goes! Installing this fence was such a relief for us and I'm sure for him! This build was such a success! Very challenging because of the uneven land and long panels. It turned out EXCELLENT! The finished project has also given us privacy and some very nice future garden area. 

We started by stringing the area to show our fence line. Measured from the house to keep it square. 
Jim rented an auger because there were so many posts to dig, 17! For smaller areas you could easily use a post hole digger to avoid the rental cost. 

After the footers were dug we leveled each post and installed support boards to keep them level while setting. 
It was a chilly morning, about 25°! Maddie and Savannah definitely did their share of the work.
With quickrete you can pour the dry mix in the holes and mix with water as you go. Saves a ton of time and some back breaking work!
The next day we installed the cross members and all the planks. We kicked all that out in one day, that was a long hard day!
Jim's finished off the bottom extensions as well as all the gates. 
The stairs on our deck came down the opposite side. We built a gate on the existing stair opening and built this new set. Still some finishing touches to do but it turned out awesome!

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